Doing home inspections across Brevard County, over the last 11 years I have seen many situations where a pre-listing inspection would have saved the deal. A pre-listing inspection is as the name describes. The seller has their home inspected prior to putting it up for sale. The benefits of a pre-listing home inspection are many. One, it allows the inspector to identify problems the homeowner had no idea existed. On multiple home inspections, I have found active roof leaks that the homeowner did not know existed. One of the leaks was on a roof less than a year old.  By finding out the problems with the home before hand, gives the homeowner time to have the needed repairs. This reduces 11th hour negotiations.


Another Brevard County home inspection we did several years ago, that really stands out was on a 1.2 million dollar home. Unfortunately, 3 of the shower-pans leaked when tested. This freaked the buyer out….Leaking shower-pans on a brand new 1.2 million dollar home? And while the rest of the home was in good shape, with the exception of some loose roofing tiles (Easy Fix) the leaking shower-pans caused the buyer to walk. Had this home had a pre-listing inspection, the builder could have called back the plumbing contractor that did the work, correct the problems and the home would have sold.  In this instance the home builder hired us to inspect 4  other million dollar plus homes he had on the market.  Two of those had active roof leaks and poorly done tile roofs along with multiple other smaller problems all 4 of them had. These were brand new homes too, that have never been lived in.


I wish every real estate professional would recommend to their clients, get a pre-listing inspection. They really can keep the real estate transaction on track and prevent 11th hour negotiations and give the seller time to shop around for repairs.  If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, spend the money on a pre-listing inspection……You may be very happy you did.  And if the inspector does not find any major problems, you can show the potential buyer you are pro-active and wanted to disclose everything about your home by having it inspected. Providing the potential buyer your inspection report is a good faith gesture that may go a long way.  To Your Success!!