The Dream of Owning Your Own Brevard County Home


It’s the American Dream, isn’t it? The white picket fence, the ideal home for your family, the neighborhood filled with perfect lawns and pleasant neighbors. We’ve all grown up with that idea, with the dream of owning your own home.


It’s an incredible feeling when you finally stand in front of your newly purchased property and take that iconic photo next to the SOLD! sign.


You’ll be beaming with pride, probably a little nervous, but definitely – understandably – wildly excited!


The pride of home ownership is passed through generations. We all strive to “make it” and to achieve that dream of owning our own homes.


It’s a statement to ourselves and to our friends and family that we are part of this greater community. We are part of a time-honored tradition of buying a home, making it our own, and raising a family there.


The Benefits of Home Ownership

The benefits of home ownership are obvious and endless. There are the concrete benefits, like the investment opportunity that will pay off in years to come.


There are also the more fun benefits, like being able to paint the walls whatever color you want – no more parents or landlords to heed!


And then there are the emotional benefits, like watching your whole family share a holiday meal together in your new dining room.


The benefits of home ownership are the grand appeal for each new generation entering the real estate market. But, that’s not to say that owning your own home is a cakewalk!


There is much to do for maintenance and upkeep on your own home. Just like you don’t have to listen to your parents or your landlord when it comes to paint colors, you also can’t just call your landlord to fix a leaking pipe.


Home ownership comes with responsibilities as much as it does adventures. If you’re ready for the ride, you will love each step of the way!


The Dream of Owning Your Own Brevard County Home

If you’re like us, you dreamed of owning your own home for years. You’ve pictured your perfect dream home and all the design features it might have.


You’ve also religiously perused websites and apps showing local opportunities. You’ve watched the prices and driven through new neighborhoods to see what’s available.


The dreaming part is actually really fun!


But part of that stage when you’re dreaming of owning your own home is a very real, formative stage in choosing your future. As you dream and plan and research, you’ll narrow down your true priorities.


You might be doing all of this with a spouse, which means compromising on certain features and aspects of a home.


You might be looking at real estate as an investment opportunity, rather than a home for raising your future children.


Whatever your reason for dreaming of home ownership, this is the part when you’ll decide what is most important to you, as well as what you can do without.


Choosing Your Home Location

If you’ve been researching and planning, you’ll already have a good idea of where you want to live in Brevard County. The location is your most important choice to make – other aspects of a home can be altered, but the location remains the same.


Don’t forget to think far down the line.


Will you raise kids here? What is the local school district like? Is the community active in extracurricular activities?


How much construction is happening locally? Is this a booming area right now or has it already peaked?


Think about where you see yourself in decades – not just a few years. Think about a long-term plan filled with jobs, family, friends, hobbies, and more.


These are the things that will make up your daily life. Where you choose to buy your own home can make your daily life easier and more enjoyable based on these factors.


Dreams Do Come True

While you might have to compromise on some aspects of home ownership, ideally you can stand your ground on the key points.


If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own home near the water, it can be your reality. You might need to choose a lake, rather than the ocean. Or you might need to choose a different state than where you grew up, if it’s that important to you. You might even choose a different country!


If you’ve always wanted to own a home on a cul-de-sac where your kids could play soccer in the street safely, you might need to choose a new subdivision that was fully planned and designed just for that, rather than a lovely historic home on what is now a busy street.  In Brevard County we have both.


The point is that dreams do come true, but you just need to prioritize your dream list.


Don’t be afraid to stick to the most important points – you want that dream of owning your own home to feel real! But if there are some items on that wish list that can be more flexible, go ahead and adjust as necessary.


Owning your own home comes with so many benefits and opportunities.


This isn’t just a financial transaction – this is your life.


You have the right to choose to follow your own dream and to make it your reality.


Just be sure that when you’re following that dream, you cover all your bases. Make sure that your new potential dream home receives a proper inspection so your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare after closing.


Don’t get blindsided and don’t let your dreams fog your realistic vision – a thorough, professional inspection of that home will ensure that your dreams really do come true.


For more information on getting a home inspection, take a look at why we’re not just another home inspector. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to book your home inspection.